(3D on white) Annoure, Heidi Skarie, 6x9 (1)Annoure and the Dragon Ships

This is Heidi Skarie’s second historical novel.  It’s an exciting epic tale that takes place in the beginning of the Viking era.

“Valor, romance and adventure fill this gripping Viking epic.”

~Stanley Trollip (Michael Stanley), Kubu Mystery series

“Another brilliant novel by Heidi Skarie. Atmospheric, sensitive story and loveable characters that grow on you. I loved delving in the world of ancient times.”

~Iva Kenaz, The Goddess Within

Here is a link to an interview on Proof Positive about Annoure and the Dragon Ships.


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Star Rider on the Razor’s Edge is the first novel of a science fiction series about a female undercover operative fighting an interplanetary war that will determine the ruler of the universe.

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A1uYOglfMKL._SL1500_Red Willow’s Quest is an historical fiction novel set in 1807 about a young Native American woman  studying to become a medicine woman. 

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ConsciousRelationshipsCover.inddConscious Women Conscious Relationships, True Stories of Wisdom and Awareness on the Path of Relationships

Conscious Women Conscious Relationships by Darlene Montgomery is a series of heartfelt stories of love, loss and laughter through relationships of all kinds.  The stories offer a universe of hope and healing for those looking to find the love of their life, love of self, or to heal a broken heart after a break up or loss of a loved one.  This book is sure to inspire you to take a chance on love and to open your heart to love again.  The authors include Oprah Winfrey, Heidi Skarie, Ellie Braun-Haley, Cynthia Brian, and many more.

The story I share in this book is about my journey as a writer and the series of miracles that guided me.

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Where Rivers Converge Prose & Poetry of Carver County Writers

Where Rivers Converge

Where Rivers Converge


Where Rivers Converge is a publication of the nonprofit organization, Three Rivers Writers. Twenty-four authors contributed a variety of poems and short stories, each unique in styles and subject matter.  I contributed a short story titled Interrupted Honeymoon that takes place after book one of my Star Rider series.  Samrat Condor has raised the price on Michio’s head and he discovers that even on his honeymoon he’s not safe from bounty hunters.

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You Can Never Go Wrong by Being Kind

Exceptionally positive and encouraging, this book contains compelling true stories by 67 authors from around the globe, and from all walks of life, who have united to share their personal experiences with the transformative potential of kindness.
Within each story is a gift for you. As you are transported around the world by these extraordinary stories, you’ll be gifted with wisdom, love, compassion, forgiveness, hope, laughter, gratitude, acceptance, and the awareness that life is not possible without kindness. As you read these stories, you will learn how to:

• Be happier and live a fuller and more satisfying life by practicing kindness
• Recognize opportunities for giving and receiving kindness wherever you are
• Transform your life through relentless acts of kindness
• Get unstuck and transcend your creative block through acts of kindness
• Trust more and count your blessings
• Set yourself free through forgiveness
• Develop a kind heart through meditation and spirituality
• Recognize the role of animals in teaching us how to love unconditionally
• Improve your health through spontaneous acts of kindness and compassion
• Multiply your favors through gratitude
• Be kind to yourself
• Cultivate the courage to follow your heart and intuition
• Find more reasons to continue having faith in humanity

The story I wrote is about three times when I was helped when out driving.

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