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Heidi Skarie

About the Author

When I was a child I loved being read to. My parents captured my imagination and fueled my love for books with stories like Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald.

Learning to read wasn’t easy for me, but my skills quickly improved when I discovered the joys of reading classics such as Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.

When I went to college I started out as an art major, and among other things studied photography. To check out my photos click here, but after two years decided I needed a career where I could be assured of supporting myself. I became an elementary teacher and taught second grade until I started a family.

I kept up my love of visual arts and became an oil painter when I got out of college. Arts and crafts were my main creative outlet. One night that changed.

I had a dream that was like watching an action-packed science fiction movie. Over the next two nights the dream story continued. At the time, my children were young and it was difficult for me to write down my dreams, but it happened to be Christmas and a three-day holiday weekend, so my husband Jim didn’t have to rush off to work. He watched our three children while I wrote down my dreams each morning.

During the next four nights I didn’t have any more dreams, which was just as well since my husband returned to work. The following weekend was New Year’s Eve: another three-day weekend. Magically the dream continued. On the sixth night I dreamed the conclusion. I now had a ninety-page dream journal. It was a great story, but I realized I didn’t have the skills to write it.

I decided to learn how to write fiction novels. It takes many years to become a good writer, as it does to develop any skill. I enjoyed the learning process, the art of creating characters and dreaming up exciting adventures. I caught the writing fever and it became my passion. Jim said I was lucky to be so passionate. Few people have something that they enjoy so much.

With my new abilities, I accomplished my goal and wrote my first book. After that it was as if I’d turned on the tap and more stories flooded out. I eventually wrote a series about the same characters and their continuing adventures on another war-torn planet.

I’ve heard it said that if you don’t love writing, do something else because it’s a lot of work and few people make a living doing it. I found that to be true. Finding a publisher turned out to be challenging. Since I was writing a series, I needed to publish the first novel before I could publish others in the series. After I’d written a seven-book series, I decided to write single titles.

I found a small publisher—SunShine Press in Colorado—to publish my first historical novel, Red Willow’s Quest. It was actually the ninth novel I wrote. I felt guided inwardly while writing and promoting it. Many coincidences happened so that it seemed as if the universe was working with me to help me write and get my book into the world.

The publishing world changed a lot since I wrote that first novel. Now the publishing houses aren’t the gatekeepers they once were. More and more authors are independently publishing their books. I decided to join them and became an indie author. This holiday season I am publishing Star Rider on the Razor’s Edge, which is the story I was first given in a series of dreams on that Christmas weekend so many years ago. It’s exciting to finally see it manifest. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

In December of 2015 I published another historical novel, Annoure and the Dragon Ships.

As for future plans, in 2016 I plan to publish the next book in the Star Rider series.

Currently, I also write a blog, teach a writing class and occasionally teach writing workshops. My three wonderful children are grown and one of them has a son, so now I am a grandmother.

Like Red Willow, a character in one of my books, I’ve learned to follow my heart and dreams. As a result I’ve been rewarded many times over as I share my novels with the world.

Readers can contact Heidi by email at heidi.skarie@gmail.com, or friend her at Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.

I enjoy taking photos of people and of landscapes.  To check out my photos click here.


Here is a photo of my grandson Asher who is enjoying a book.

Heidi Skarie doing a reading at Dream Haven March 2015

Heidi Skarie doing a reading at Dream Haven March 2015









Heidi Skarie doing a reading at the Bloomington Writers Festival 3/28/15. It was on cable TV.

Heidi Skarie doing a reading at the Bloomington Writers Festival 3/28/15. It was on cable TV.










Anna Skarie and Heidi Skarie at the Bloomington Writers Festival.

Anna Skarie and Heidi Skarie at the Bloomington Writers Festival.

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