In 794 A.D., Annoure, young noblewoman, is abducted during the second Viking raid on England. During the voyage to Norway, she sparks a feud between her captor Thorstein and another warrior. The adventure this incites calls on her courage and Druid training as she struggles to survive strange lands, people and customs in her quest to return home. Thorstein’s skills as a warrior, navigator and sailor are challenged in epic battles that strain lifelong friendships. He risks all to find Annoure and win back her freedom—and love.

 “A brilliantly-paced, accurately-researched historical saga that takes the reader from one of the first Viking raids on Saxon England to the steppes of Asia. Along the way there is violence, adventure, vengeance, redemption and love. Anyone who enjoys The Vikings television drama will love Annoure and the Dragon Ships.”

                            ~Gary R. Bush, The Adventures of Jamie Sharpe: Stolen Life

 A spelling-binding spiritual adventure told by one of the world’s most insightful writers of historical fiction. Skarie weaves pure magic into this story of one woman’s training in Druid wisdom and how she uses it after being captured by a brutal Norseman.”

~Darlene Montgomery, Conscious Women, Conscious Lives series

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Star Rider Emerges

Star Rider Emerges tells the story about Toemeka Ganti’s past and what led her to become an undercover operative for the Coalition of free nations

Heidi Skarie

Heidi Skarie

Heidi Skarie writes visionary novels that are an exciting combimation of action, adventure and romance, featuring strong, spiritually inquisitive heroines.

Annoure and the Dragonships, an historical novel based on a past life, about a young woman kidnapped by the Vikings.

Star Rider on the Razor’s Edge is her first science fiction novel. She previously published Red Willow’s Quest, a historical novel based on a past life, about a Native American girl training to become a medicine woman.

In 2017 the second book in her Star Rider series will be published.


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